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Practical Legal Advice | Call on Lawrence B. Geffen for prudent legal counsel.
Family Legal Help | When your family is in turmoil, you need experienced assistance.
Real Estate Help | Buying and selling property can present hidden obstacles.

Lawrence B. Geffen: Legal Services for the Greater Toronto Area

For more than 45 years, Lawrence B. Geffen has been committed to serving the legal needs of individuals and families in Scarborough and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Concentrating on matters related to family law and real estate law, Lawrence B. Geffen and his team provide prudent legal advice and client-focused services.

Family Law, Real Estate Law, and Notary Public Services

At Lawrence B. Geffen, we focus on the difficult and delicate matters related to family law , including divorce , child custody , and matrimonial property , along with real estate issues such as mortgage refinancing and transfer of title . In addition, we also provide prompt, professional notary services .

Committed to Your Satisfaction

With nearly four decades of legal experience in the GTA, Lawrence B. Geffen understands that facing a legal challenge is a difficult and stressful task. We extend personalized, results-oriented legal counsel to each of our clients and are proud to accept legal aid. Contact Lawrence B. Geffen today to discuss your specific legal challenge in detail.

Service Area

Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area


Lawrence B. Geffen:  2907 Kennedy Road Suite 205, Scarborough, ON M1V 1S8

Phone:  416-292-6688 | Fax:  416-292-6649 | Email:

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